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I thought this would be a good way for me to get back to generating some new ideas for my upcoming films, for my final year at Uni!

Fahrenheit Chronicles

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Recent News

I have been busy since I finished my second year of Uni at Staffs. I am proud to say I finished this year on a 2:1 and I hope to continue on the third year with the same or better grades. 

Recently I have photographing, Filming, Editing and doing Work Experience.

Here’s a link on what i’ve been working on: 

Also I’ve been photographers for weddings and other events (when the weather was great) those photos will be up soon in later posts.

Hopefully I will make a start on ideas generation for third year films- Which I am very excited about! 

I will make sure that I will post more stuff up 



Film Finished

I finished my film edit on Friday, today I was testing the sound levels in the film theatre ready for my assessment on Wednesday/Thursday. I’m glad its all done, I’m looking forward to see everyone else’s film and it will be an interesting two day assessment.

Quite happy with my film and the work I put into making it.

Here’s a link My Short Film “ADRENALINE JUNKIE”

FInal Edit Review

I still have a lot to do before the hand in date (which is tuesday) its mainly the sound design and the build up to the point of climax and trying to make it dramatic as possible. 

But everything else is fine, the visuals are great, almost colour graded all of them and the sequence is great, its all about the sound design and levels, trying to correct it so its not too loud or distorted. 

Once that is done, just the background paperwork of the film needs to be updated, which isn’t much so it puts me in a great position to edit the film even more! 

Review Meeting of Edit

I had a review meeting of my film, it was quite productive meeting with my lecturer, as he explained how I need to make the film more exciting as the voice over is quite monotone, and that’s when the sound design comes into play with the film- sound design will make the story more exciting and will make the audience go through the mood and themes throughout the film as it progresses. 

Now the film is definitely under 5 minutes, and hopefully will be 5 minutes altogether including titles and credits, which is great!

Looking forward uploading my next edit soon with a improved sound design.